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Some of the knitters in the Toockies Project live in the small tribal village of Ujan, three hours drive outside of Kolkata. Many of the families in this village are farmers, and cultivating rice fields is their only way of making an income. Rice fields can be harvested three times a year and all of this is done by hand. Most of the houses in the village are made of clay and there is limited access to electricity and running water. Ponds are located sporadically throughout the village, and this is where the villagers wash their dishes, clothes, take baths and collects water to boil and use for cooking.

Lavinia Trade is working closely with the local NGO Promise Charitable Trust to manage this project. When the women submit the finished knitted products, free sanitary pads are handed to the women. Learn more about the stigma surrounding menstruation in India and the health risks many women face here

The women who are joining this program, are given a chance of empowerment. They’re in charge of their own life as they can work and earn money independently of their husbands. They often use this money to secure a better future for their children, which is their sole motivation for joining this program to begin with. Their work is protected by Fairtrade Denmark which ensures the women receive a fair wage and good working conditions.

When you buy Toockies, you are helping the women by providing them with an income so they can take care of themselves and their children. See the knitters here



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